Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2012

War between DAE and Insel Air

WILLEMSTAD - Airline Company Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) will take its competitor Insel Air, the directors and shareholders of to court. This was declared by Nelson Ramiz, head consultant of DAE.

Lawyer firm Soliana Bonapart & Aardenburg is currently considering the formulation of the indictment said Ramiz. “DAE has given Bonapart instructions to find exactly what director Edward Heerenveen said about our daily flights to Paramaribo, here in Curacao and in Suriname. Then we'll look at how we can sue Insel Air,” Ramiz declared. Heerenveen has commented negatively in different media on the daily flight from DAE to Suriname. He insinuates that these flights are against the law. Heerenveen has also stated that DAE has had a preferential position towards Insel Air with the government for two years now. “Usually I pay no attention to all nonsense that is said. But now it's enough. This must stop.”

DAE presented yesterday and agreement between the Dutch Kingdom and Suriname from 1995 for air services between and beyond the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname. Article 9, paragraph 2 states ‘Requests for permission to operate additional flights can be submitted by the designated airline of one Contracting Party directly to the aeronautical authority of the other Contracting Party for approval.’

According to the Ramiz the legislation is ‘as clear as an open skies’. “I have good lawyers. DAE does nothing illegal. There are companies who  believe in monopoly. DAE would be bankrupt they thought. But DAE survived and grew further. We shake the tree and the apples fall below,” Ramiz stated.

Ramiz, who sued Heerenveen previously personally for certain statements, won the case, to which Heerenveen had to rectify. “Now I will not settle for a public apology, this time I will go for money,” Ramiz concluded.

 Image: Nelson Ramiz and Corporate lawyer Fadila Poese

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