Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

Website publishes leaked corruption information

WILLEMSTAD - Raising the issue of corruption, is now facilitated by the website 'Curaleaks. The Curaçao whistleblower collects information about corruption on the island in order to be published on the website. The initiative comes from the action group 'Ban Drecha Kòrsou Awo' (Let’s fix Curacao now).

The website claims to proceed independently and that it will publish any form of corruption in Curaçao. "We do not represent any political party. We are also against no one. "Information can be leaked via e-mail So far there are documents published on fraud of outgoing Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and Memo Screening Results, from Secret Service of Curacao.

Information we found out the stated:

We are an independent website dedicated to expose any form of corruption on the island of Curaçao. We do not represent any political party, nor do we choose to side with one.
The documents you will find here are anonymously provided to us, we won't and cannot disclose our source(s).

You may countact us at the following email address: Note: hatemail will be forwarded to

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