Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2012

Wiels proposes an “Assignment Cabinet”

WILLEMSTAD – Helmin Wiels, the leader of Pueblo Soberano, is in favor of a so called “Assignment Cabinet”. This is a government that must act according to instructions given from the Curacao parliament for the betterment of the situation in Curacao.

According to Wiels, the political leaders should become fraction leaders in parliament and the “Assignment Government” should consist of professionals who have integrity and who are capable of fixing Curacao’s financial problems.

Wiels does not accept ministers who are involved in scandals and that are constantly in negative spot light. “I am fed up with the issue of screening which was persistent during the 22 months rule of Schotte’s Government”, Wiels indicated.

This announcement was unexpected and a complete surprise for Wiels’ followers. Previously the PS leader also suggested a “willingness agreement” with MFK which later backed off from this accord. Afterwards Wiels suggested an “agreement on joint efforts” with PAIS and PNP which also seems to be unsuccessful. All his suggestions are “political novums” in Curacao.

The so called “Assignment Cabinet” is unknown for the political analysts and experts who are familiar with a “Business Cabinet”, but Wiels reiterates not to confuse an “Assignement Cabinet” with a “Business Cabinet”.

“Everybody wants to eliminate the division which exist in the community, well this is a great opportunity to bring peace and tranquility on the island”, Wiels stated.

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