Published On: Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

ABVO and CAP sign CLA

Potret pa Prensa (1)WILLEMSTAD - On Tuesday afternoon, July 21st the negotiation teams of Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) and of the union ABVO met with each other and signed the CAP CLA. “I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you that were part of the negotiation to achieve our CLA. Let’s go forward together and work on the great developments coming up at CAP and the airport”, was the message of CAP CEO during the official moment.

After a negotiation period of 16 months ABVO and CAP achieved an agreement in regards to the company’s CLA (Collective Labor Agreement). The CLA has been set for the year 2015 up to and until 2020.President of ABVO, Mr. Wendy Calmes, and CAP CEO Mr. Ralph Blanchard, signed the labor agreement in the presence of members of the service group and board of ABVO and members of the management team and negotiation team of CAP. ABVO President Wendy Calmes thanked all members of the ABVO service group for their efforts during the negotiation. “I hope all our members are satisfied with what we agreed upon today”, Calmes said.
“I know that there were some tough times during the negotiations, but we learned from each other through this process and that resulted in us being able to conclude a CLA that serves the need of both the employees and the company. We are truly pleased to be able to offer CAP employees a CLA that meets their current needs and also establishes a platform that ensures long-term job security”, Ralph Blanchard said.

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