Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2013

According to MP’s, Navarro is accountable for Pretu’s death

Navarro in ParliamentWILLEMSTAD – The Parliament of Curacao is currently meeting on the situation around the death of Luigi L. Florentina, better known as Pretu (Black), who was the main suspect in the murder case of the politician Helmin Wiels. Pretu has committed suicide in his cell on Saturday morning. Some members of Parliament say that Navarro is responsible for Pretu’s death.

Members of the Wiels’ party, Pueblo Soberano (PS), were present in large numbers at the public meeting. Before the meeting started, the members demonstrated at the Wilhelmina Square for justice after the murder of their leader. Among other PAIS leader indicated that Navarro have to take responsibility. "Navarro has to find out who is behind the murder of Wiels. The PAIS leader proposed to submit a motion this week for a fact-finding and that the Minister will be held accountable in about a week. “Navarro is in charge and must deal with this,” Humphrey Davelaar (PNP) said.

Hensley Koeiman (MAN) wants to know what the motive of Pretu was to commit suicide. "I want the size of his cell, what he ate, did he see daylight, what sounds he heard when he was transferred and so on." The MP’s were sharp in their dissertations. Similarly Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas of the MFK. He pointed the finger at the PS. "I indicated that Barber is not a good option, why did not you listen?" Pisas suggested last week not to transfer Pretu, but he did not get any support from Parliament.

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