Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

As announced before; La Prensa newspaper files for bankruptcy

WILLEMSTAD - La Prensa started in 1957 as a Papiamento newspaper. 60 years later, the newspaper files for bankruptcy. This news does not come as a surprise. In the beginning of November, editor-in-chief, Mariano Heyden, said in an interview that the newspaper is experiencing heavy times. The popular journalist expressed the fear that the newspaper might not reach the end of the year. He was right.

According to one of the owners of the newspaper, in the fifties, La Prensa was important for the political awareness of the people. The newspaper played an important role in the pursuit of autonomy. Well-known politicians used the newspaper to inform the people about the process to become autonomous. The original owner of the newspaper, Chicho Jonkheer, who passed away recently, was at the cradle of other Papiamento-language newspapers, such as Extra and Ultimo Noticia.

A total of 13 people worked at the newspaper. The ailing economy and the lack of advertisers are the reason for the end of the newspaper.

Photo: La Prensa's last edition.

La Prensa

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