Published On: Fri, Oct 3rd, 2014

Balborda considering moving mangroves Rif region and Koredor

mangrovesWILLEMSTAD - On the prevailing problems of overflow of the sewage system in the Rif region and Koredor and associated mosquito nuisance, the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning (VVRP) Earl Balborda said that it is worth considering to move the existing mangroves to another location.

The Minister explained that this process would be a cost effective way to fix the problems caused by this heavily contaminated area and still keep the protected mangroves. The Ministry is even considering filling the area with dirt, which is an effective option.

Research shows that the backwater of Koredor where Lowenstein (Alfredo Lowenstein of The Lionstone Group), in the past, has been given the option for development of the area, was already, as early as World War II, heavily polluted with all sorts of heavy metals. There must also be a solution offered for the heavily contaminated soil of the Rif mangrove forest, which has known a large contamination by sewage. This would be, of course, a costly affair.

Since the above areas are developed by the Ministries of Economic Development (MEO) and the VVRP, a displacement of the mangroves is being considered. The MEO has referred to a displacement method in Barbados, which has proven to be successful. Minister Balborda indicated that they will certainly look into this option. To fill the area would be more beneficial and also provide a solution to the mosquitoes nuisance, according to Minister Balborda.

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