Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

Braam: “I assumed that I was going to be Minister of Public Health”

braamWILLEMSTAD – “Our party campaigned with a balanced program on public health. I campaigned for it. I believed in it. When I understood last weekend that PAR would get this ministerial posts, automatically I assumed that I will become Minister of Public Health,” said the new Independent MP, and former PAR member, Dr. Edward Braam.

The leader of the party, Zita Jesus-Leito then informed the party members that she will become Minister of Public Health. Braam indicated that at that moment he knew that his party does not have confidence in him. Not even as president or as Member of Parliament. Not even as a possible minister. “I’m always kept out of the loop,” said Braam.

Braam was president of the political party PAR and also number 4 on the candidate’s list. He was sworn in as Member of Parliament last week. But yesterday to the surprise of all he resigned as president of the party and declared himself as an Independent MP.

Braam explained that during the weekend he had a one-hour conversation with the leader of the party. He was not on the island. During the conversation, he indicated to Jesus-Leito how disappointed he was with several issues going on within the party.

On Sunday, Braam returned to the island. During the weekend the parties MAN, PAR, PNP and Un Korsou Hustu (UKH) signed an agreement to show the willingness of forming a government coalition. ON Monday morning 10 MPs signed. The parties were waiting on Braam’s return. Instead of signing, Braam submitted his letter of resignation to the Governor and the President of Parliament declaring himself and Independent Member of Parliament.

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