Published On: Sat, Jun 15th, 2013

Update: Aircraft engine on fire during takeoff in Bonaire

dlAttachKRALENDIJK –  The engine of an aircraft Fokker 50 from the Curacao aviation company Insel Air burst into flames during a critical moment at taking off. According to witnesses at the Bonaire Flamingo Airport, they saw smoke and fire coming out of the right engine of the aircraft.

The passengers had to evacuate through the cargo door and were assisted by the airport fire department.

“We saw black smoke fill the cabin and we ran to the cargo door. I thought the plane was going to explode or that all of us would burn in the cabin,” one passenger commented.

Insel Air's press release: 

According to Insel Air’s COO, on Saturday there is an incident with one of the Fokker 50 aircraft of the aviation company InselAir on Bonaire.

The plane was taxiing to the runway when a "fire warning" went off in the cockpit. There was smoke in the forward cargo compartment that also penetrated in the cabin. The crew evacuated the passengers according to procedure. Mechanics have determined that the cause was an oil leak from the air conditioning system. Because of the hot air from the engine, there was the smoke. The aircraft is flown without passengers back to Curacao where it will be fixed and released after the required inspections

The passengers were picked up by a spare aircraft which Insel Air keeps at hand at any time for this kind of situation.

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