Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2014

Conflict escalates around Bar Association

Caroline FievezWILLEMSTAD - The dissatisfaction with the complaint against the lawyer 'Peppie' Sulvaran by the Dean of the Bar Association, Caroline Fievez is increasing. Attorney Paula Jansen also threatens to leave as a member of the Order. Jansen reproaches Fievez of not dealing with them with integrity. She also accuses the dean of being undemocratic in her position.

Yesterday, Vice-Dean Everett Wilsoe resigned as Vice-Dean. He said that Fievez filed the complaint against Sulvaran based on political grounds.

Membership meeting

It is not yet clear whether Jansen will resign as a member or not. In a leaked email exchange with the board of the Order, it seems as if they will discuss the state of affairs, reportedly at a general meeting on February 4. Until then, Jansen will remain a member of the Order.

No voting right

According to Jansen, Fievez wants to sabotage the opponents within the Order at the general meeting. Because some have not paid their contribution, they cannot vote. If it is up to the Dean, they will not be informed of this decision, Jansen said. She writes: “In view of her (Fievez) words, black on white; ‘I would like to request the executive board to pay their contribution for this year, otherwise, you cannot vote. I think Sulvaran and others have a huge backlog in this case. Most of his friends also, which means they cannot vote at the general meeting. Let's keep it like that and not summon them to pay’, I can do nothing else than seriously doubt her good intentions as Dean and it is not inappropriate that I, as a member, to disapprove such statement and lose confidence in Caroline.”

Own Association

Law Firm Sulvaran and Peterson are playing with the idea to create their own lawyers association. In an open letter to the Order, sent from the Chester Peterson’s mailbox, they report that “they will call a meeting in early February to discuss the creation of an ethical association of lawyers, where there is no room for racists and other corrupt figures, like you (Fievez), the current Dean, who has corrupted the order. According to the lawyers, the Dean had to involve the whole board in everything that is going on. According to public opinion, she has also tried to influence the case of the President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp. Fievez did this because, according to Peterson, her law firm HBN Law represents the Central Bank.

"F… you!"

The authors of the letter called Fievez finally a “sneaky racist”. They called on her to submit her resignation as a Dean and they prefer for her to leave both the Order and the island as soon as possible. “For racists, like you, we have no place here in Curacao... Our appeal to you is therefore: f… off!”

Image: Caroline Fievez is second from left

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