Published On: Sat, Feb 1st, 2014

CTEX achieves TIER-IV ‘Facility’ certification making it the first multitenant datacenter in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve such level of excellence

CTEXdatacenterWILLEMSTAD - Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) was certified today by the Uptime Institute as a Tier-IV ‘Constructed Facility’. In doing so, CTEX’s ‘CU-1’ datacenter becomes the 13th in the world and the firstMultitenant datacenter in Latin America and the Caribbeanto achieve both ‘Design’ and ‘Constructed Facility’ certification. The island of Curaçao joins Spain, Brazil, the U.S., Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Canada as the only countries in the world to have such high quality facilities.

CTEX is a privately held company formed by industry veterans and funded by regional and Canadian banks, Dutch Pension funds, Development banks, and institutional and private investors. In June 2013 CTEX achieved Tier-IV ‘Design’ certification by the uptime institute and was certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company. The ‘Constructed Facility’ certification ascertains that the facility and all datacenter infrastructure components were built according to original Tier-IV design and engineering specifications.

CTEXdataA Tier IV data center is fully fault-tolerant, ensuring that the occurrence of any unplanned activity will not impact continuous operation. Tier IV facilities have no single points of failure and have the highest level of guaranteed availability of any datacenter. The benefits of a Tier IV facility include physically isolated distribution paths (power, cooling, networking) preventing harm from a single event. The CTEX datacenter has 14days of fuel storage ‘on-site’ and cooling systems that are continuously available 24/7/365. In short, local and international customers are provided with the highest level of assurances that their critical business systems will never go down. In fact CTEX’s datacenter provides a 100% uptime guarantee of all critical infrastructure services.

CTEX’s‘CU-1’, the first of four datacenters the company intends to build, is the most automated facility of its kind in the region today. Each redundant component is designed to automatically respond to failures preventing any interruption or damage to critical customer computing infrastructure. A central automated system automatically manages the entire facility’s nervous system including security, access, power management, cooling and other areas.

The CTEX datacenter incorporates years of lessons learned from datacenters across the world to deliver the most reliable datacenter available on the market today. The facility was designed and engineered in conjunction with Schneider Electric, Lee Technologies, CISCO Systems, OpenLink and various local engineering and contractor firms such as DYNAF, DUSRON, Energy & Automation, Civil Engineering Caribbean, Habibe& Maia Architects, Trapenberg Cooling, Installation Technologies and others.Lee Technologies in partnership with CTEX is implementing and running industry standard operating processes to ensure 100% availability of all critical datacenter components.

“Curacao is the perfect location to build such high-end facility. The island is securely located outside the hurricane belt and major seismic active fault lines. Being part of the Dutch Kingdom, the island has strict privacy laws bases on European conventions. Too, connectivity is provided through 5 existing cable systems that land on the Southside of Curacao, while various new fiber systems arriving on the North side of the island land in the CTEX datacenter, thus ensuringsecured global connectivity. Over 40 major ethnic groups create a unique kaleidoscope of people, cultures and languagesproviding an added value for companies who leverage Curacao and the CTEX datacenter as a regional business hub,” says Anthony de Lima, CTEX’s Chairman & CEO. He continuous, “we are proud to join a select league of datacentersacross the world to achieve this level of excellence. This achievement could not be accomplished without the dedication of hundreds of local and international engineers and workers. This facility is a testament to their professionalism and commitment to excellence. For regional customers it means access to a world-class datacenter in a safe jurisdiction.”

In achieving the Tier-IV facility certification, CTEX immediately enters production. Official opening is planned for March 8, 2014.

About CTEX

CTEX is an ISO 9001:2008 company that delivers advanced technology solutions to business and government customers by leveraging four 7,200 square meter Uptime Institute certified Tier-IV datacenter and Internet exchange facilities. The company serves multiple industry segments including Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Public Sector, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Manufacturing and others. Customers benefit from leveraging an advanced eco-system of proven partner solutions. Customers can build private computing environments or leverage CTEX’s highly advanced and scalable Cloud infrastructure. CTEX offers six core services including: Cloud Solutions, Managed Collocation, Managed Services, Managed Continuity, Virtual Datacenter and Professional services. For more information:

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