Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Curaçao Airport expansion project progressing steadily

P1050489WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) is continuously developing the Curaçao Airport in order to offer travelers and locals the best experience when visiting the airport. This is what they like to call the “Airport Experience”.

CAP has started with the concession plaza. As of the month of December visitors can see two new additional concession buildings on the airport boulevard. Now visitors can enjoy a very trendy Wendy's P1050486restaurant that's more spacious and air-conditioned and that's conveniently located at one of the new concession buildings on the boulevard, right in between the Arrivals and Departures area.

The second building houses Seal & Go. Seal&Go offers a luggage sealing service done prior to checking in at the airport. The store also sells handy travel items such as suitcases, locks and much more. It is conveniently located right in front of the Check-In entrance. The P1050490luggage sealing concept is very popular at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands but also in South America. The store opened its doors this month and it's already very successful.

The history of Seal & Go goes back to 1999, when it started its services P1050497at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands. The operation started with a simple machine at two locations in the departure terminals. After Schiphol, Seal & Go expanded its service abroad. In 2007, a Seal & Go operation was started in Namibia (Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport). In 2011 Seal & Go operations were started in Russia and in 2012 we started in Paramaribo, Suriname. Recently, they started offering their services in Muscat, Oman and now in Curaçao. This is a top class company that enhances the Curaçao Airport Experience.

P1050516Another well-known company that opened its doors at Curaçao International Airport is CuraCare Health & Beauty Stores. Through passenger-surveys CAP noted the need for such a service at the airport. CuraCare provides quality beauty and health products and services at affordable prices. Although the store just opened its doors, travelers’ reactions are already very positive, making CuraCare a great new addition to the airport.

Airport Expansion Project
CAP has enlarged the Immigration hall by 70% and changed the P1050478ambiance by restructuring the hall and by implementing renovations. The private company is also progressing on the translocation of the arrival hall to the original building, which is much larger and can offer more comfort to arriving passengers and those waiting for them outside. CAP is building a temporary corridor that will take the passengers to the renovated arrival area. Work is already progressing steadily and according to the CAP officials, this project will be finished by the second quarter of 2016.

CAP, as a private company, is contributing to the economy of the island. For most people, their first contact with Curaçao is through the airport. P1050483With this in mind, CAP is investing heavily to make sure that the airport offers a positive first impression to what will be a pleasant Curaçao experience.






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