Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

Curacao Chamber of Commerce in Brazil a fact

Sao-Paulo-BrazilWILLEMSTAD - The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) of Curaçao in Brazil is now concretized. This was announced by the Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm during the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers in Fort Amsterdam.

Placing a Curaçao Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo, Brazil, increases the possibilities of Curaçao businessmen who want to do business in Brazil and vice versa. “We are engaged to position ourselves in the international market and to function more and more as a hub,” according to Minister Palm.

Jorge Lehm Muller is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Brazil. He was invited by Minister Palm and is currently in Curaçao to meet with representatives of Curacao Ports Authority (CPA), Chamber of Commerce, Adeck, Ctex, law firms, financial institutions, Chata and Curinde. Muller has garnered a lot of important information that will be sent to different companies in São Paulo, Brazil.

It is expected that the Curacao Chamber of Commerce will open in Colombia in November this year and in Panama next year.

Image: Sao Paolo Brazil

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