Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Curaçao Maritime Center project back on the table

Curacao Dry DockWILLEMSTAD - The Curaçao Dry Dock Company has big plans. There is a master plan on the table to build up the Dry Dock into a Curacao Maritime Center, where not only ships are being repaired, but also projects, such as shipbuilding and demolition, education, training and also to generate power with solar energy.

This progressive plan has been there since 2012, but the claim of the three Cubans that hung above the company’s head was a stumbling block for the progress of the Dry Dock.

The plan represents a major economic impact for the island with the creation of jobs and activities in the harbor.

Now that the claim of millions of dollars against the Dry Dock has been resolved, the company can start thinking about new developments. There is an agreement on the table with the Cubans and the court in the United States, a lump sum and a healthy future for the company in sight.

The master plan indicates that 2000 new jobs will be created in five years, which represents an increase of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 5 percent. The export turnover will be 200 million dollars, spending 50 million dollars and 70 million dollars will be invested directly.

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