Published On: Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

Damascus and Pieters deny involvement in murder Helmin Wiels

Court houseWILLEMSTAD - Both Dangelo Damascus and Carlos Pieters deny having any involvement in the murder of Wiels. “I am not involved in the murder of Wiels. I did not know what was going to happen. I am innocent,” Damascus said during his hearing in court. Pieters was also very emphatic before the judge. “I was home with Elvis ‘Monster’ Kuwas and some family members playing dominoes.”

In addition, they claim they have not lent any clothes to ‘Monster’ and they didn’t know anything about the so called murder plan.

Both Damascus and Pieters claim they were together playing dominoes on the fateful day. Elvis ‘Monster’ Kuwas and Raul Martinez aka 'Bolle' were also present. According to Pieters, ‘Monster’ was away for some time together with Bolle. "He said he'd come back." Monster then went through an alley next to the house. Pieters was not able to give the exact time nor place. "I've been in prison for ten months solid, I do not remember exact times." He was able to tell that ‘Monster’ left in a small brown car, "It could have been a Kia Picanto," Pieters said. "What happened after that I do not know."

Later in the day there was a meeting between the men. ‘Monster’ picked up Pieters and Damascus. "Let's go to Montaña and chill with a couple of ladies." The judge then asked: "Did you ask ‘Monster’ where Bolle was?” “No,” Pieter replied.

When asked how they heard the news about the murder of Wiels, Pieters replied: "I heard it on the radio. That was in ‘Monster’s car when we got back from Montaña. After that, we did not speak about Wiels’ death."

The question on Monster’s clothing was repeatedly asked by the judge. "I did not lend any clothing to ‘Monster’" Pieters said. Judge: "And when ‘Monster’ returned did he look different then?" "There was no difference," Pieters replied. The Judge held his ground. "So there was no difference? But how do you know that if you cannot remember his clothing.” The judge then concluded that Pieters cannot say that there was no difference in Monster’s appearance.

Dangelo Damascus aka Panchek confirms Pieters’ story. "I played dominoes for money with five other people. I lost and went home. I then pinged (Blackberry phone) with some friends.” According to Panchek, he was already home when Monster left. He said at one time that he went to Monica B., who was pregnant of him. There he saw Bolle, who was rushing to clean a car. "Between the time I left and when Monster picked me up, I didn’t see Kuwas, Pieters nor Bolle.”

On the murder weapon, Damascus said; "I never declared that I have seen the weapon, which was described by the detective. I’ve never seen the statement made by the witness.” Pancheck stated that a bag containing something heavy nudged at the domino table and it made a loud noise. “I concluded that it was a weapon, but I saw no weapon.” The judged then asked him about his declaration. He declared that he saw a small part of the weapon. Panchek said that he doesn’t remember exactly, but he knows he saw something black. “I forgot everything, I’m drowsy from eight months in jail in Barber.” About his statement referring to Kuwas walking around with a firearm 24/7, he said that it shouldn’t be taken literally. According to him, you cannot take a firearm to church. “Right?”

During a house search at Panchek, three weapons and ammunitions were found behind a basket of clothes. One of the weapons matched the firearm used in a fatal shooting in 2009. According to Mona Lisa, Monster’s wife, one of the arms belongs to her husband. Panchek himself claims that he took those weapons from a Venezuelan man. "Just to put them away. Now we would have probably offered them to the prosecution. I did not earn my 100 guilders."

Panchek and MonsterProsecutor Rip shows him a Facebook photo. In this photo, Dangelo Damascus and Elvis Kuwas had three firearms in their hands. "But that is not on my Facebook!" Panchek said. The court therefore draws the conclusion that, Panchek has seen Kuwas with a weapon. In response to his lawyer, Panchek declares that he 'more or less' recognizes the picture. "I cannot see well, the picture is too blurry." He also claims that the weapons are fake. “I use them to shoot iguanas. It is an air pistol.”

Panchek also denies the murder of Raul Martinez aka Bolle despite his earlier testimony. "I have not the heart to kill someone like him. Bolle was a quiet boy. He was like family. I would really like to know who did it.” Raul Martinez was shot in the head in a Kia Rio and was found in San Pedro without a head, hands and feet. “His body was ten days at sea, then another ten on the coastline," the judge said.

The statement that he had 'hungered after Bolle' is also false according to him. He also declared never to have said to have dreamed about Bolle. A witness stated that Panchek would have claimed that Bolle appeared beside his bed in his dream. "I don’t even have a bed. I sleep in the living room,” Panchek said.

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