Published On: Wed, Apr 26th, 2017

“Elections under supervision is a shame”

Stanley BetrianWILLEMSTAD – “It's a shame that the elections that will be held on Friday are under the supervision of the Governor.” This is according to political analyst, Gilbert Cijntje.

He wondered how it got so far that the island has to hold elections under the supervision of the Netherlands. Former Interim Prime Minister of Curaçao Stanley Betrian, who served right after the Cabinet-Schotte in 2012, called the actions of the government a shame for the island, but, according to him, there was no other solution.

The Kingdom Council of Ministers gave the Governor of Curaçao the authority to supervise a fair course of the Curaçao elections of next Friday. The Netherlands often has a decisive vote in this Council. The evidence came after the current interim government of Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas announced that the elections would be canceled and then to say afterwards that it would continue.

“As soon as you get an intervention on the government in our local affairs, that's a shame and hopefully it'll never happen again,” says Betrian. “But to ensure that it's good and calm elections, this is the best solution.” Betrian has little faith in everything from now on. "If I look at the disagreements between the parties, I hope there will be patches on the wounds after the election, but if those wounds will heal quickly, I do not know.”

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