Published On: Thu, Sep 18th, 2014

Flights Suriname Airways stopped if Suriname Government doesn’t comply with ultimatum

InselAirORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD – According to a report from our news partners in Aruba,, the Government of Suriname has 5 days to react to the situation of Insel Air Aruba. If they don’t comply, then Aruba will stop all the flights from Suriname Airways to the island in a period of 6 months. Noticiacla spoke with the Aruban Minister of Transport, Otmar Oduber and he confirmed today that a week after he had sent the letter to his counterpart in Suriname Falisi Pinas, he has not received a reaction on Insel Air Aruba’s problem to operate flights between Aruba and Suriname.

According to the Minister, seeing that it will be two months since the local company, which has a local permit and has requested permission to operate between Aruba and Suriname based on an open sky policy, he decided to ask his counterpart in Suriname about this issue. The Minister expects to receive a reaction.

The Minister indicated that this Friday he will send a letter to his counterpart in Suriname with an ultimatum to react on his previous letter. “Suriname does not respect the agreement between the two countries and Aruba has always complied with Suriname Airways. If we don’t receive an answer from the Suriname authorities, we will put a stop to the agreement with their airlines. This means that in a period of six months, all airlines flying to Aruba operating under a Suriname AOC will be stopped,” the Minister said.

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