Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Garbage on the street one day after Curaçao Cleanup

trash3WILLEMSTAD - Great was the indignation when one day after the major Curacao Cleanup event, the participants saw garbage on the side of one of the roads that was also included in the cleanup action. This was on the road to Scherpenheuvel. The story was all over social media and many people who participated in the cleanup, were not happy with this incident. “It's a slap in the face to all those well-meaning people who participated in this cleanup action.”

Environment and recycling company, Green Force has picked up the garbage last Tuesday on its own initiative, but even better was able to identify the polluter. It is a company called Creative Fruit which is located at the Seru Loraweg # 3.

Green Force has found packages and even entire receipt rolls with the company’s information.

The environmental company is now calling on the Environment Agency and the police to give this company a hefty fine as there is evidence now that they have done this. The new ordinance came into force and there are penalties now. Greenforce expects that this company will also receive a fine for what they have done.

trash2“As has happened in the past to Boolchands and their counters which were dumped at Koral Tabak, we will expose every company that is guilty of environmental pollution. It's time for business owners to understand that their business activities may not be associated with polluting our environment. If they use a "pick-up" company which comes to collect their trash, they have to make sure that they receive the receipt of the landfill before they pay for the service.”

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