Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

Government acts against illegal construction

13482920_1731854330409113_690979963490047949_oWILLEMSTAD - Ten thousand illegal constructions will be reviewed in the near future. If a construction meets the criteria, it will be legalized. If not, it should be demolished by the owner or if necessary the government.

With its new project Tereno pa Tur (Property for Everyone) the government will act against illegal construction. There are no exceptions, according to spokesman Clinton Walle. “People who think we will let the most affluent ones do whatever they want, are wrong. All neighborhoods with illegal constructions will be evaluated and we will act,” said Walle.

Wallé confirms that the government has tolerated this practice for decades. “And it got out of hand,” he admits. “We have now evaluated the situation and there are going to be a lot of changes.”

Walle indicated that the government is not planning on putting thousands of people on the street. For this reason, they will examine each case separately. “If a house meets the criteria, it will be legalized. If not, the owner will have the time to remove the building.” Some of the criteria are the quality of the construction, is it safe; the location and the use of the building; the owner should be older than 18, and if he or she a legal resident on the island.

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