Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2013

Green light for Government of Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – Coalition partners agree on 2013 budget and support austerity measures.

The four coalition parties PS, PAIS, PNP and independent Member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran agree on the 2013 budget and have declared that they will contribute to full implementation as soon as possible on the reform of the disability pension, the introduction of the basic health and differentiated increase in the sales tax (ob).

That is decided on Saturday by the cooperating parties in consultation with the transitional Government led by Prime Minister Daniel Hodge. Almost all Ministers were also present. of the Parties / members of Parliament were present Ivar Asjes (PS), Alex Rosaria (PAIS), Humphrey Davelaar (PNP) and independent member Glenn Sulvaran. Today begins, in the Central Committee of the Parliament, treatment of the 2013 budget, but after Saturday it is already clear that it satisfies the majority of the Parliament which consists of the 11 members of the coalition of the total of 21 parliamentarians.

Although the budget was established by the previous Government and it does not reflect what is agreed upon in the coalition agreement, it was still decided to continue with this budget and present in the first quarter of the year  a supplementary budget that comes with the desired changes.

It is also important for the new ministers - all experts, meaning that they are not political- that they get the commitment of the four parties to support that the package (austerity) measures in the field of retirement plans and health and put in full force in such a short possible time. On parts are improvements still possible, but the outline will not be disregarded and the four cooperating parties will support the transitional Government.

The starting point is that the strongest shoulders will have the heaviest burden and that the little man as much as possible is spared. The parties are also in line that the national social dialogue partners (employers and employees) should be continued. With this agreements the way seems open for December 31 appointed transitional Government to act expeditiously and to proceed with the radical, unpopular measures, including raising the sales tax on luxury and unhealthy products. After the central committee meeting this week on the 2013 budget, the public meeting follows at which this year's budget is formally adopted.

Image: Ramsay Soemanta

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