Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

Helmin Wiels’ murderer got 60.000 guilders

WILELMSTAD - One of the suspects in the case of the murder of Curaçao politician Helmin Wiels received 60,000 Antillian guilders the day after the murder. He got this money from L.F., nicknamed ‘Pretu’, who committed suicide in a Curaçao police cell last year, where he was incarcerated in connection with the murder of Wiels on the 5th of May, 2013, the ANP reports. This comes from a statement given by 37-year old E.K. during a police hearing in February this year. Press office ANP received insight into the confidential hearing of Helmin Weils’ killer.

MonsterK. confesses to murdering Wiels, and also gave several names of people who are connected to the incident. He says he does not really know the person who originally put a hit out on Wiels.

The politician, Helmin Wiels, was shot dead at 5 p.m. on the beach of Marie Pampoen in Curaçao.

Four men were arrested for the murder last year, and are still in prison. A fifth suspect was killed two weeks after Wiels was murdered. The sixth, ‘Pretu’, committed suicide. Between the 4th and 8th of August, the four suspects will appear before the judge.

K. is also a suspect in two other murder cases. He decided to open up in February of this year, after being imprisoned for a few months. He spoke at length with the police. His wife was also questioned.

According to this hearing, an image appears of a group of criminal friends from the Koraal Specht neighborhood who planned the murder in local street slang (Papiamentu) and via text messages.

According to K., ‘Pretu’ approached him several months before the murder with the question ‘do you want to eat?’ This means ‘do you want to make some money’, and was meant as a roundabout question whether K. would want to perform the assassination.

On the day of the murder, K. was dropped off at a house in Koraal Specht. After he received a message shortly before 5 p.m., he got in a waiting vehicle and was brought to the deserted beach of Marie Pampoen. He stepped out, went up to Wiels, shot him, and stepped back into the vehicle which was then driven to a common acquaintance to get washed.

To the police, K. said that the murder of ‘the President’, which he refers to Wiels as, “didn’t take more than a minute.”

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