Published On: Wed, Feb 18th, 2015

How the gambling mafia in Curaçao bought a Secret Service

Gerrit-SchotteThis week I received documents of the secret service of Curaçao (VDC). These internal documents provide a revealing picture of how the Gambling mafia managed to buy the secret service.

From text messages that were intercepted on January 18, 2010, it shows that L. Pietersz asked Jamaloodin for money to pay off a debt and that Jamaloodin was more than willing to lend even more than what he had asked for.

This request goes directly against his position as an officer of the secret service and makes him susceptible to being bribed. Lawrence Pietersz was chief of the department of internal and external security of the secret service of Curaçao.

George Jamaloodin, who is closely linked to the gambling industry became Finance Minister in October 2010. This information comes from a report made by an officer of the VDC.

Close ties with dubious figures

This Jamaloodin, of course, should never have become minister. End October 2010 a screening of the Secret Service of Curaçao was leaked, which remarkably lacked the name of Jamaloodin. The VDC screening did indicate that Abdul Nasser El Hakim (Minister of Economic Affairs) has 'close links' with dubious figures in St. Maarten, such as Francesco Corallo (Italian mafia) and is an active member of an organization that works with the Lebanese Hezbollah. Prime Minister Schotte has collusion with various lenders both locally and abroad that have close links with dubious figures such as Francesco Corallo in St. Maarten. This internal memo of the VDC mentions, in addition to some of Schotte’s dubious financial practices, how the Prime Minister has also tried to obstruct the screening.

How the secret service was looted

In the weekend of October 29 and 30, 2011 there was, to my knowledge, the largest theft, which ever took place at a secret service. All information of the Curaçao VDC (founded in 1963) was copied, destroyed or stolen. Including information from the Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) and the CIA. The robbery took place by Colombians, commissioned by Gerrit Schotte, along with a number of Dutch men of a private agency. This was declared by a whistleblower within the VDC.

“All the information from the server of the secret service was copied. There is now an exact copy of all data security since the establishment of the service. Also, data from other security agencies in the world are now in private hands.”

The immediate reason for the massive information robbery, according to him, was the negative screening report of the VDC on a number of ministers.

A secret meeting in Sint Maarten

Lawrence Pietersz, responsible for the security of the VDC, appeared to have performed various services for Jamaloodin in exchange for money. Pietersz also made use of the contacts he had with the police and customs. On was September 15, 2010 Pietersz was invited by Jamaloodin to travel to St Maarten, where they had a meeting with Schotte, Corallo and Theo Heyliger, the leader of the United People's Party (UP-party) at UP’s headquarters. Heyliger is the leading suspect in a case of bribery during the election campaign that was going on then. Shortly thereafter Pietersz was dismissed by the then head of the VDC. After Schotte came to power in October 2010 Pietersz was put back into service by the Prime Minister and the management was replaced by a puppet.

The Dutch Government keeps looking away

Since the massive looting at the VDC, I continually asked clarification from the Dutch government, probably because information from the AIVD has come into the hands of the mafia. The last time was on February 4, 2015, after the head of the VDC who was dismissed by Schotte was vindicated by the judge in Curaçao. The response of Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk (PvdA) to my questions, however, was shocking, the Dutch government is still looking away. Through this post I also want to give as much information as possible in the Netherlands - all documents that previously appeared elsewhere on websites. And now I want a debate with Minister Plasterk about the links between upper and under world in Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Our government has a responsibility here. Probably because information from the AIVD has come into the wrong hands. But also because we cannot deliver the people of these islands to the Mafia.

By Ronald van Raak (Dutch MP)

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