Published On: Wed, May 17th, 2017

InselAir hopes to finish layoff process by end of this month

Insel-Air-MD80-FOTO-Insel-AirWILLEMSTAD – The local aviation company InselAir hopes that by the end of this month, the Department of Labor will finish the layoff process of 250 of its employees. This process is important while InselAir did not receive the last financial support from the government. The company needs these funds to continue with their process of revitalizing the airline. The management hopes that by the end of June, they will be able to break-even and continue without the government’s support.

InselAir indicated that they are doing their utmost to contribute to the process, which is being led by the Department of Labor. But according to the Deputy CEO, Juni Sluis, they haven’t heard anything from the government yet.

“It has been three months since we made the petition to lay off 250 employees, but we still haven’t heard anything yet,” said Sluis. The government has not released the last tranche of the loan yet. This is about 7 million guilders. Sluis explained that at the end of last month they received enough to pay salaries. This was also a problem because the interim government did not want to give the airline the funds but wanted to transfer it directly to the employees, especially the 250 who were laid off.

The last tranche will help the airline cross the bridge to break-even. This way the company can continue operating and expand to other destinations. Sluis hopes that they will receive the 7 million soon and that the Department of Labor can finish the layoff process.

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