Published On: Thu, Aug 14th, 2014

InselAir invests to improve air traffic ABC-islands

Five additional aircraft this summer operational.

InselWILLEMSTAD - Recently, InselAir has faced a number of delays and is currently doing everything possible to minimize these. The delays have been caused by a leak of heavy maintenance work to a part of the fleet. The heavy maintenance was scheduled to be completed before the start of the high season, but the completion has been delayed due to the late repatriation of funds from Venezuela. 3 planes will go back into operation this week and this will be immediately noticeable to passengers on routes between the islands. InselAir has been dealing with the, financially driven, problem alone. Support from local authorities and from the Government of the Dutch Kingdom to intervene on a foreign political level stayed out, so another solution was not possible.

Maintenance now completed

"In the meanwhilethe funds from CADIVI have been repatriated and we immediately have made resources available in order to finalize the necessary and required maintenance on a number of our aircraft," explains Edward Heerenveen, Chief General and International Affairs. "Heavy maintenance regarding two planes has already been completed and next week we expect the maintenance of the MD to be ready. With these three planes back into operation, plus two additional Fokker 50’s, which will be added to the fleet before September 2014, we expect to perform all flights according to schedule again and to minimize delays”, promises Heerenveen. The Customer Service team of InselAir has been and will be in touch with passengers whose flights are delayed as timely as possible to inform them and to offer an alternative flight. InselAir regrets the current situation tremendously and apologizes to all passengers who have suffered from this situation. InselAir promises that passengers, from today, can see positive improvements.

Expanding fleet with six aircraft

Before September 2014, 2 additional Fokker 50 type of aircraft, which InselAir acquired from Avianca, will be added to the fleet. These will be put into operation immediately, one of them specifically on the Curacao – Bonaire route, making this route function optimally again. These Fokker 50's will also serve as backup planes. Following the, on July 12 arrived Fokker 70, InselAir will welcome 2 more Fokker 70’s shortly, 1 before September and 1 by the end of October 2014, which will be used on new routes. Passengers can also look forward to direct flights between Aruba and Bonaire of which the date will be announced shortly. In addition to the above expansion, InselAir expects to add one MD-80 to its fleet before the end of October 2014, which will be used to support current routes. "Existing connections, such as between Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, and St. Maarten, will never suffer from the expansion of our route network," ends Heerenveen.

Bonaire, an important destination

Bonaire is becoming a more and more important destination for InselAir because of the increasing number of passengers traveling with InselAir and its partners to and from Bonaire. ‘On time performance' is crucial and, as outlined above, InselAir will care of this by acquiring extra aircraft, always having a backup available, and by offering direct flights between Aruba and Bonaire.

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