Published On: Thu, Apr 30th, 2015

InselAir takes you to San Juan

22 destinations for InselAir. Largest network for a Caribbean-based airline. InselAir contributes 10% to Curacao economy.

InselAirWILLEMSTAD – Curacao. InselAir introduces another destination to its network. Starting July 2nd, InselAir takes you from Curacao, via its hub on Aruba, to San Juan on Thursday and Sunday. InselAir now serves 22 destinations and offers passengers the largest network in the Caribbean. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at any InselAir ticket office, via InselAir’s Customer Contact Center and at local travel agents.

Curacao – San Juan
San Juan (Puerto Rico) is known for its diversity; from beautiful beaches, great nature, fantastic shopping to historical buildings, Puerto Rico has lots to offer to different audiences. InselAir offers passengers a convenient flight schedule which enables passengers to explore the island during the weekend or to board the many cruise ships departing out of San Juan. To celebrate this new route, an introduction fare is available from Curacao to San Juan USD 252/ANG 454 (including tax, excluding Curacao Departure tax). Flights will be operated with a Fokker 70 type of aircraft and according to the following flight schedule (all times are local):

Departure Curacao                 Arrival San Juan       Days
09:00                                                11:55                                   Thursday
08:00                                                12:25                                   Sunday

Departure San Juan               Arrival Curacao         Days
13:00                                                 18:55                                  Thursday
14:00                                                 18:50                                  Sunday

InselAir’s contribution to Curacao economy: 10%
As the largest Caribbean carrier, based on Curacao, InselAir contributes 10% to Curacao’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Furthermore, over the past 8,5 years, InselAir has created hundreds direct and thousands indirect jobs on Curacao. InselAir has a fleet of 18 aircraft and expects to transport around 1.4 million passengers this year through its network of 22 destinations.

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