Published On: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014

Instruction given by Kingdom Council of Ministers to Sint Maarten stands

PlasterkWILLEMSTAD - The instruction given by the Kingdom Council of Ministers to St Maarten last week stands, even though the Parliament of the island rejected this measure on Wednesday.

This was the reaction of the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk last Thursday in response to the action of the parliament.

“The instruction stands. It is in the interest of the people of St. Maarten to properly safeguard the integrity of future ministers,” said the Dutch minister.

The Kingdom Council of Ministers, which in addition to the Dutch government, includes also the Ministers Plenipotentiary of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, wants the candidate ministers of the island to be appointed only when it is certain that they are honest and will remain so. The governor of the island should determine that it is so after the candidates are properly screened.

The reason for this provision are two reports indicating that there is a conflict of interest and abuse of power on all levels in Saint Martin, including the political administration.

The standard control as currently applies to the appointment of a new government in the islands is "too thin," said the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte last week Friday. But in St. Maarten there is much criticism about the decision. Parliament itself wants to start drafting an action plan to prevent abuses.

The parliament in Curacao adopted a motion earlier this week in which the governor of the island would be put aside in the appointment of ministers.

But according to Plasterk also here counts that the changing of the role of the governor is a kingdom matter. “The Kingdom Council of Ministers has no intention to change the important position of the governor,” said the minister.

It is a Kingdom Act that counts for all countries in the Kingdom, which cannot be terminated unilaterally, according to the Ministry of Kingdom Relations.

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