Published On: Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

Jamaloodin: “Jardim also signed for ‘mismanagement’”

JardimWILLEMSTAD - “I just cannot understand how Minister Jose Jardim can say now that there was a financial mismanagement during the period 2010 and 2012? As Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance he also signed for this so called financial mismanagement.” This was stated by George Jamaloodin, who was the Minister of finance during the Schotte cabinet.

Jamaloodin challenged Jardim and Prime Minister Ivar Asjes, who was also present during the press conference on Thursday afternoon, to press charges against him if there was mismanagement by his person.

“I give them until Monday 5:00 pm time to file a complaint against me and come with evidences to prove that Cabinet Schotte, with me as Minister of Finance, is guilty of mismanagement,” Jamaloodin said. “If they can prove this then I will become gay and I will admit it. Jardim does not admit that he is gay, but I will do it. And as a bonus I will pluck my eyebrows just like Asjes,” the former Minister stated.

“Did I have to come here today to defend myself against these people? Is this no the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?” Jamaloodin asked.

Jamaloodin argued that Jardim was the secretary general for the Ministry of Finance between 2010 and 2012. “If he had detected something of mismanagement during that period, it was his duty as a high ranking civil servant to report this. He has not done so.”

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