Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

Judge: “Construction new hospital may be continued”

hospitalWILLEMSTAD – The construction of Hospital Nobo Otrobanda (HNO), the new hospital, may continue. That is what the court decided today. The construction was delayed by a lawsuit filed against the Ministry of Communications, Transport and Regional Planning (VVRP).

Three foundations had objected to the continued demolition of some historical buildings of the current hospital. The judge ruled today that the demolition permit, which was appealed, was not issued because this rule was not necessary.

It was also decided that the importance of maintaining the buildings does not outweigh the importance of the Curaçao population to have, as soon as possible, a modern hospital that meets their medical needs. Promo, Docomomo and Team Cactus had signed the initial objection because the historical value, as the foundations indicated, would be lost through demolition. The position of Otrobanda as a World Heritage played a major role.

“Curaçao deserves a new hospital. It is not realistic to continue to provide quality care to patients in a building that is 160 years old. Both the patient and the staff are entitled to receive and offer care in a modern environment that makes that possible. We have to unite, so that this can be achieved,” said the government.

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