Published On: Mon, Nov 25th, 2013

Leeflang: ‘Agrarian Brigade provides 1,000 jobs for young people’

LVVWILLEMSTAD - Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang has presented a bill proposal for a Youth Agrarian Brigade (YAB) in Parliament. The YAB aims to provide an education and training in the agricultural sector and relevant technology. According to Leeflang, this project will provide 1,000 jobs for unemployed young people aged 18 and up.

According to Leeflang, the youth criminality figures are worrisome and it's time for a drastic approach. 25 percent of young people are in prison or unemployed. That implies that 49 percent of the inmates are young people. The JAB is an implementation of the Ordinance Social Training and targets young men from 18 years and up with the Dutch nationality. They are placed in a forming station where they are employed in an agricultural company and follow a one day per week class.

Leeflang believes that the agricultural sector in Curaçao has a growth potential of 10 percent. "Agriculture, Cattle breeding and Omayra LeeflangFisheries (LVV) have 33 acres of land in possession. This can be used to enable the agricultural sector. In addition, a win-win situation is created. The young people learn a trade and receive a salary and our fruits and vegetables are grown here which in turn provides a lower selling price to the consumer. On an annual basis the government can spend 11,765 guilders in salaries instead of 109,500 guilders to the prison,” Leeflang said.

The target group is made ​​up of young men because according to Leeflang, the figures show that in most cases crime is caused by this group. “Young ladies are often the beneficiaries of the crime. They get from these young men money earned through criminal activities. That's why I believe that this project should be directed towards men,” according to Leeflang MP.

By Aruna Jhagru

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