Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Leeflang: “Even after the motion was passed, nothing will happen”

P1020433 (800x572)WILLEMSTAD – Schotte’s reform program was put on the parliamentary agenda. This is according to the Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang. “What Schotte really wants to do with his so called reform is to bypass the mandatory screening of all candidate ministers for the government of Curaçao. Once you take away the authority of the governor, then you don’t need to screen the candidate for Prime Minister,” Leeflang said.  Even if the screening takes place, there is no guarantee that the MPs will accept it. They can bypass it and approve the appointment of the candidate ministers.

In Curaçao’s electoral system, the people choose the Members or Parliament. They don’t have to be screened. This is the democratic process. But the government is not chosen by the people. The candidate Ministers don’t have to be politicians. This is why they have to be screened before assuming a position in the government.

Schotte, through his reform program, has been trying to change this for a long time. “I’m the only one who really saw what his hidden agenda was. It all started when we had the tripartite meeting in Sint Maarten last August.” This is when Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten met to discuss the instructions given to the governor of Aruba not to sign the government’s budget. The MPs present at the tripartite came with a motion that, according to Leeflang, reflected a war against the Netherlands. “I told them not to count on me. This is an all-out war.” This is when the reform was rewritten in a softer language, but Leeflang still refused to support the motion. She explained that if the governors of the various islands were against the instructions, they have the freedom to act against it. They don’t necessarily need to accept the instructions. In this case, they can even resign. But the governors accepted the instructions. “This means that even they may be in favor of the instructions. Maybe they are the ones who requested assistance from the Netherlands.”

“It was interesting to see the old coalition coming together again. It will not be enough to change the constitution though. They did pass the motion by a majority of 12, but that’s not enough. To change something in the Constitution you need at least 14 votes. And even that is not enough, because you need to approval of the Kingdom Council of Ministers,” Leeflang stated.

When Helmin Wiels was alive MFK and PS became enemies and now after his death and even after the fact that 2 members of MFK were indicated as suspects in the murder of the PS former leader, you still see both former coalition parties came together. It is a very curious fact,” said the Independent Member of Parliament.

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