Published On: Tue, Oct 20th, 2015

Local entrepreneurs welcome Fishing legend Jim Sammons on Curaçao

Jim will be fishing Curaçao’s beautiful waters in a kayak. Footage will air on NBC and World Fishing Network, featuring Curaçao as a world-class fishing destination.

JimWILLEMSTAD - The, well-known around the world, ‘kayak-fisher’ Jim Sammons will be filming one of his fishing adventures on Curaçao this week. Local companies InselAir, Caribbean Nautical, Beyond Kitchen & Bath, GH Car Rental, Santa Barbara Hotel and Beach Resort, Kusters Trading, Caribbean Cargo Services, Kome, Reuijl Tax Law, Cravings, GMC, Reliant, Pacific Action, CPA, Irie Tours, Mermaid, White Tip, Curaçao Industrial Divers and CITRO teamed up together and decided to provide Jim and his team, besides fantastic fishing, an unforgettable Curaçao experience. Jim will not only be fishing at some great spots, but will also be discovering the diversity of Curaçao, culturally and culinary. This all is made possible with thanks to the generosity of the aforementioned local companies.

Putting Curaçao on the map

The group of local entrepreneurs have found a great ambassador in Jim Sammons to put Curaçao worldwide on the map within the fishing community. Jim, a worldwide recognized pioneer in kayak fishing, and his team landed on Curaçao today and will stay on the island until Sunday October 25. They will be out on the ocean fishing for 4 days fishing; at Schottegat Harbor (Oct. 20), at Klein Curaçao (Oct. 21), at Boca St. Michiel (Oct. 22) and at Santa Cruz (Oct. 23). Exact times can be found via InselAir’s facebook.                                                   

Just do it                                                                                 

Curaçao has so much more to offer than only idyllic beaches, for instance fishing. That’s why we have teamed up with local entrepreneurs and decided to try to get Jim to come explore the Curaçao waters, in which we succeeded’, explains Marcel Verspuij of Caribbean Nautical. “Most of us are fanatic fishers”, says Eugene Thomas of Beyond Kitchen & Bath, ’And watching Jim’s show on television you can’t help getting excited to explore new fishing destinations and hence we thought this would serve Curaçao well’, ends Thomas. The team quickly found other enthusiastic sponsors such as InselAir to get the team from Miami to Curaçao and many other sponsors to make Jim’s stay on Curaçao memorable. This event is a great example of local people and companies working together to create extra PR and exposure for Curaçao abroad.

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