Published On: Thu, Aug 15th, 2013

Management of ISC after verdict: Healing process can start now

sudduthWILLEMSTAD – Via the media and through its own sources in Austin, Texas, management of the International School of Curaçao (ISC) has learned this week that a former teacher has been tried and convicted to 60 years in jail for possession and distribution of child pornography. The ISC community has suffered immensely since news of his actions reached Curaçao in 2009 when he was arrested in the USA.

He pled guilty to three charges of promotion of child pornography, as filed by the State of Texas. He was given three 20 year sentences for a total of 60 years and a US$ 10,000 fine. The man will now be transferred to the custody of the federal law enforcement authorities where he will face federal criminal charges which are still pending.

The conviction of the former teacher has touched the ISC community in Emmastad deeply, causing again a lot of pain and feelings of vulnerability. Although the criminal process against the former teacher will continue, this conviction brings closure for the children, the parents and the staff members, who had contact with him during the three years he lived and worked in Curaçao between 2006 and 2009. Now the ISC community can continue to heal and move forward.

ISC is grateful to all in the community of Curaçao who have shown empathy and supported the students, teachers, staff members and management in this difficult matter. Throughout the years ISC has worked closely with professionals to implement programs of support and awareness for students and teachers. ISC will continue to raise awareness and provide body safety training as well as workshops for ISC families and the community at large, taking a strong stand against any form of child abuse.

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