Published On: Thu, Oct 31st, 2013

Marvelyne Wiels hires employees without application procedures

Curacao house in The HagueTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Minister Plenipotentiary of Curaçao in the Netherlands, Marvelyne Wiels, has hired employees at the Curacao House in The Hague without following the proper procedure. This is according to some of the employees employed at the Curacao House. Curacao House is the representation of Curacao in the Netherlands.

During the past summer, Wiels hired her 21 year old daughter, Gilanne Pieternella to work for six weeks. After the summer, she was offered a contract without going through the hiring process. She was offered a position at the Recruitment Department for two days per week.

Desired candidate

For the digitization of the archives and other IT work Wiels called some people, but the desired candidate was the 29-year-old Andrew 'Andy' Wilsoe. He is the son of prominent party PS Elmer 'Kadè Wilsoe, former Minister of Justice. Andrew also did not have to apply.

Mylene Gerard, a friend of Wiels, has been working at the Finance Department since early August. She got a contract for six months and has not followed any application procedure.

On September 16, the former press officer Jassir Dewindt joins the staff. He is an old friend and worked from July to December 2012 at the Curacao House. Due to the financial instructions given by the Netherlands his contract was not renewed at that time. He now has a contract for six months. Here, too, there was not an application procedure followed.

Financial Statements

Wiels hires Linda Tonkes for two days a week as a freelance external auditor to audit the financial statements of the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary. The financial statements are normally processed and controlled by government auditors SOAB and accountants Deloitte.

The Curaçao government cannot hire any permanent staff after the financial instruction given by the Kingdom Council of Ministers. There is a hiring freeze, except for so-called "critical" functions. For such a critical function, that of director of the Curaçao House, Melvin Statia has been hired with a contract of six months. It was agreed to look for a director through open selection in mid-November. That job vacancy has not been published yet. Statia has meanwhile received an extension of his temporary contract until February 2014.


In the past, many friends were hired in the Curaçao House, but under Sheldry Osepa there came an end to it. Both Osepa and his successor Roy Pieters say that the temporary hiring of people is possible only if the Ministry of Finance has given the green light. The hiring of friends or party colleagues is not allowed. Both former ministers said that since the Ministry of Finance is involved in the procedure, there must be a project file to be able to get funds.

The Curaçao House announced that all expenditures of the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary were approved by the Council of the Ministers in Willemstad and that the government also distances itself from accusations of favoritism or nepotism: “These are suggestive and not truth based statements that undermine the integrity of the Curaçao House," according to the Minister Plenipotentiary. Mrs. Wiels does not refute the accusations; however she says that the case has the full attention of the legal department at the Curacao House.

Source: Caribbean Network


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