Published On: Tue, Apr 15th, 2014

Maximum security during court treatment case ‘Magnus’

CourtWILLEMSTAD - On Wednesday, April 16, the Court of First Instance will treat the case of the late Member of Parliament and political leader, Helmin Wiels. Wiels was assassinated on May 5, 2012 at the Marie Pampoen Beach. This will be a pro forma session.

The police force and other authorities will take the following measures to guarantee safety and public order both inside and outside the courthouse. This will be before, during and after the session.

  • There will be a limited quantity of seats available in the courtroom,
  • All those who want to be present must be on time. The doors will open at 8 am,
  • Those who want to be present must have a valid I.D., preferably an I.D. card (sedula) or passport,
  • Cell phones are not permitted. Only members of the press can have these with them,
  • It is strictly prohibited to record (video or audio) the court session,
  • Authorities will inspect all those who enter or leave the courthouse,
  • After identification, the authorities will give those present a special pass, which can be used to enter the court room. These passes should be returned at the end of the session,
  • No one is allowed to enter the courtroom after the session has begun,
  • Adequate apparel,
  • All those present, inside or outside, must obey police orders.

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