Published On: Tue, Aug 20th, 2013

MFK filed a lawsuit against leaking Ecorys report

oil refineryWILLEMSTAD - The MFK faction in Parliament filed a lawsuit at the Public Prosecution’s Office (OM) in connection with the Ecorys report from March 2012 which was leaked to the media and other organizations. The environmental organization SMOC received the report late June and published it on their website. This has brought outrage to the member of Parliament for MFK, Amerigo Thode. The report describes the different possibilities for the future of the oil refinery in Curacao.

OM spokesman Norman Serphos has confirmed that the lawsuit was filed and very soon will be forwarded to the Regional Crime Squad. “The prosecutor will first go through the declarations made by the MFK and then send it the respective judicial department. The Investigation team is the one who will carry out the investigation.”

PAIS leader Alex Rosaria had sent the report to the Prime Minister Ivar Asjes in June. After the report was leaked Thode advised the President of Parliament Mike Franco to file a complaint for breach of confidentiality. SMOC reports on their website that Thode’s assumption is incorrect. The environmental organization claims not to have received the document but have found it on the internet. “We have distributed as SMOC does with all relevant researches and reports spread.”

amerigo_thode_juli20131The situation surrounding the leak of the report will be discussed this week in Parliament.

The report can be found on SMOC’s website.

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