Published On: Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

Moses MP: “This government does not have my support anymore”

marilyn-mosesWILLEMSTAD – Former Member of Parliament for the coalition party PAIS, Dr. Marilyn Moses has pulled her support from the current coalition government of Curacao on Friday morning.

The MP kept her seat in parliament to continue as an independent member. Moses delivered her letter just around 10 am Friday morning to the chairman of Parliament and the Governor of Curaçao informing them that she no longer supports the government.

MP Moses indicated that she could not continue supporting a government that does not listen to its people. She said when she joined the coalition their objective was to impose some measures while ensuring that there is growth in the economy. MP Moses said so far the economy has not grown and the people of Curaçao are basically screaming. Some of them she said do not even have food to put on their table. Furthermore, she said the Government of Curaçao is busy with its budget which they intend to increase their gross from Naf 1.7B to Naf2.4B but, but they cannot say where they would get the funds from to balance the budget. “Certainly the money has to come from the people while the economy is stuck and they also want to implement more measures.”

MP Moses said that the Government she has been supporting wanted to implement more measures that would not benefit the people of Curaçao, one of the measures she said is to freeze the traders which is going to strangle the people of Curaçao. Moses said that she believes the government need to pump more money into the economy and they also need to attract foreign investment in order to boost the economy rather than stifling the people that are already suffering.

She called on the people to be patient, and not to be fearful, instead they need to stand firm because changes must come that will benefit them.

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