Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Navarro: ‘Parliament’s wish is my command!’

20130911_160119WILLEMSTAD – Recently the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, the Deputy Chief Constable Rudsel Martina and officer of the Public Prosecution’s Office (OM) Guillamo Schoop held a press conference on the investigation into the murder of the politician Helmin Wiels and also the death of the key suspect in this case. This press conference was at the request of Parliament after Monday’s meeting were the Minister was held accountable for the death of the key suspect. Members of Parliament passed a motion indicating that the Minister has to inform the community, who is desperately awaiting the results of the investigation. The Minister had 2x24 hours to hold the press conference.

Basically there was nothing new during the press conference. Minister Navarro said he found it strange that the parliament has not asked him whether it makes sense to hold a press conference on such a short notice. "I must say that there is now more information compared to previous press conference. So in that sense I can say that it has been meaningful,” the Minister explained.

Earlier it was announced that a study done by a Dutch pathologist revealed that the key suspect committed suicide by being hanged. Schoop argued that a toxicology research, which was performed on the body, will have to rule out other probable causes for the death of this suspect. The pathologist who carried out the examination, took the results back to the Netherlands. There he will prepare the definite results and send them back to the authorities in Curacao.

Schoop also indicated that in addition to the murder of Helmin Wiels, three other murder cases were resolved because of this investigation. Schoop did not want to reveal what cases exactly and how they are connected to the murder of the late politician.

There is another key suspect in witness in this case. Schoop did not answer the question posed by one of the reporters what role she has in the murder case. The OM official did not say where she was being held but assured that she is under heavy surveillance to keep her from committing suicide.

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