Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

PAIS complaints against Moses’ appointment to Parlatino-committee

parlatinoPANAMA, WILLEMSTAD – The Independent Member of Parliament, Dr. Marilyn Moses was recently appointed as the Chairman of the Parlatino-committee for Gender Equality, Children and Youth. But there is a problem. Her former party PAIS is against her appointment.

According to the MP’s own account, her former party, through the President of Parliament, Marcolino Franco, has sent a letter to the Secretary-General of Parlatino to object to her appointment.

“During the meeting of Parlatino, I was appointed as Chairman of the Committee of gender equality, Children and Youth. This is a time when our country can be proud,” said Moses in her message on her Facebook page.

“But this moment resulted in an embarrassment for Curaçao through the actions of the 'Kindergarten Club’.” Moses referred to his former party colleagues as the Kindergarten Club.

In his letter to the Parlatino, Franco writes that he wants to inform the Secretary-General that Moses has been dismissed from the Parlatino-committee for Citizens Safety, Combating and Preventing Drug Trafficking, Terrorism and Organized Crime. Moses has also been dismissed from the Committee for Gender Equality, Children and Youth, according to Franco.

Franco writes that these changes have to do with the new composition of the Curaçao Parliament after Moses became an Independent MP. Franco also suggested that party member Eugene Cleopa would take over Moses’ work until further notice.

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