Published On: Thu, Oct 2nd, 2014

Palm: “Curaçao has more than 300 minimarkets and it has to be regulated”

de palmWILLEMSTAD – Earlier this year, the Ministry of Economic Development, started inspecting the various illegal lottery retailers on the island. The Ministry has noted, during these inspections, that there are about 300 convenience stores and minimarkets on the island. It was also noted that the majority of these stores are located right in the middle of neighborhoods and that their opening and closing hours were reasons for nuisance in these areas.

All this, according to the Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm, is reason to analyze and correct the situation. This has lead to the decision of proclaiming a moratorium on permits for convenience stores and/or minimarkets. This measure will be valid till the end of 2016.

The Ministry will take these two years to analyze and regulate the market to reduce or even stop the violations of the rules and regulations regarding zoning. “Most of these stores are owned by Chinese people and are open from early in the morning till late at night. Most of these stores have seats outside where people sit and drink and play dominoes. This combination causes nuisance for the neighbors,” the Minister said.

The neighbors are complaining and denouncing this situation to the police authorities. The Minister has also rejected all presumptions that this measure is directed towards free enterprise. “I'm fully behind free enterprise,” Minister Palm emphasized.

The Minister also explained that the government has imposed moratorium on snack bars, gas stations and pharmacies. These measures were never interpreted as an attempt against the free enterprise.

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