Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

Parliament takes measures against supermarkets that tamper with expiration date

Parliament4WILLEMSTAD - Parliament adopted a motion in which 15 measures were announced in the fight against the sale of food and drinks that has expired. An investigation has shown that there are companies on the island that use stamps to change the expiration date on products.

Agreements must be made with the Public Prosecution (OM) to prosecute criminals who do not comply with the law. The government must also make it possible for the multidisciplinary team to file a complaint with the OM against these companies.

During the meeting, there was a heated debate between the President of Parliament William Millerson and the Member of Parliament for Korsou di Nos Tur and businessman Amparo Dos Santos. In the debate, Dos Santos indicated that it was regrettable that parliament is embarking on a consistent naming and shaming, in other words, the public pillorying of the supermarket owners.

Dos Santos then made a remark about the recently appointed Jan Huurman (Health Inspector) as part of the X Team, which is in charge of keeping Curaçao clean. The President then interrupted Dos Santos which was the reason why he left the meeting.

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