Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

Plet: “I didn’t lie and I will not change my statement!”

Gerrit-Schotte-Yeal-Plet-Jeu-OlimpioWILLEMSTAD – During a press conference called by the opposition party MAN, the Member of Parliament Yael Plet gave his declaration to the media on the latest developments of his complaint which was filed in February and the raids at the houses of two politicians, the former Prime Minister and current Member of Parliament Gerrit Schotte, and the former Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning Charles Cooper.

Plet stated that he did file a complaint at the National Investigation Team relating to an attempt to bribe him. He also stated that he is pretty upset with the way things went in the media. Everything was taken out of context.

“In the first place I did not flee to another country after the raids took place on April 5,” said Plet referring to his trip to Miami. He bought the ticket on March 23 with the travel date of April 6. On April 5, Plet received a call at 4:30 in the morning. It was the businessman Gilbert Ricaro with the petition to meet before Plet’s trip to Miami. Plet said to Ricardo that this was not a problem. Plet agreed for them to meet at the airport. During that meeting, Ricardo presented a letter in which Plet declares that Ricardo was not involved in the attempt to bribe him and that Plet was never approached by Ricardo with such request. The reason for this letter is for Ricardo to take to the bank. Based on that, Plet signed the letter. All this in the name of friendship between the two.

Seeing everything that is being said in the media, Plet decided to contact his party and asked them to request the services of a lawyer. That’s when Achim Henriquez came in the picture. Plet indicated that he is the one who requested the services of a lawyer, not the other way around as was published in the media and social media.

Plet said that based on his oath before the Governor of Curaçao he will denounce all attempts to bribe him or any other politician. He will not accept corruption or any other illegal activity.

Plet said that he will not give details about the investigation being conducted by the National Investigation Team.

Photo: Schotte and Plet (credit Jeu Olimpio)


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