Published On: Wed, Sep 24th, 2014

Private information is protected in the Basic Registry and Address Optimization project

kranshiWILLEMSTAD – The government project for address optimization and basic registration, which was treated by Parliament recently, is very beneficial to the island. An important aspect of this project is the protection of private information and the government can guarantee that, according to Alex Mollen during his presentation to Parliament.

Alex Mollen, who represents the Ministry of Government Policy, Planning and Public Service, gave a presentation to Parliament and explained that the vision behind this project is attached to the policy approved by the Council of Ministers in 2011.

This project will ensure a better service to the people and a more efficient government apparatus, because every information will be registered at once. This ensures that the correct information will be available for each users. This bill proposal has not been presented to Parliament yet.

More than one Ministry will be involved in this project and it requires protocol and rules of cooperation on how to work together on the available information.

There is a plan for the registry, which in the first instance, will be connected to each other. These are information from the Civil Registrar’s Office, topography (basic maps), registry of the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Department, Land Registry, Addresses, Salaries, Employment and also Vehicle Registry.

The idea is to connect all this information together to give a better service to the people. This is important, according to Mollen, because now government departments can develop policies based on hard data instead of assumptions.

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