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Problems with resume and masters degree Marvelyne Wiels

Marvelyne WielsTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Recently, the Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party in the Netherlands, Ronald van Raak, had questions about the Minister Plenipotentiary’s resume.

Mrs. Wiels does not have a university degree and is not attending The Hague University, although it is suggested on her LinkedIn page. There Wiels writes that he has attended that college between 2011 and 2012 and followed a Masters course in Organization Coaching.

In her profile she says that she is following courses for the university degree "Master of Science (MSc). On the website of the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary, Wiels claims that she is still studying and that she is writing her thesis.

Insufficient results

The Hague University has announced that Wiels’ registration was terminated in 2012 due to insufficient results. There is no successful completion of the training. Moreover, according to the school, the Master degree in Coaching Organization is called a professional Master and no MSc, which is associated with a university degree.

Furthermore was hinted on her resume that she was an advisor to the Board of Directors of ABN-Amro Bank between 2001 and 2005

She also indicated that she was head of the Operational Support for ABN-Amro Bank Trade & Guarantees for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) from June 2005 till July 2012. In this capacity Wiels was responsible, as Project Director, for the splitting of the financial ledger of ABN-Amro Global, when the bank was divided. According to her she completed this project successfully in 2011.

Team Manager

The bank does not comment on current or former employees, but it appears from the chart of the bank and the job descriptions of its executives that Wiels was team manager Operations Support which is a department in which about ten people resorted under her. The head of that department was her manager, Rob de Munk. Wiels was not a member of the management team Trade & Guarantees, her supervisor Rob Munk was.

It also seems unlikely that Wiels was advisor to the Board of Directors. With the function of team manager this is not considered by people at the bank.

In 2008 Wiels was nominated for Black Female Manager of the Year by the Foundation of Ethnic Businesswomen Netherlands (EZVN).The nomination was awarded to Wiels on the basis of her attractive resume and the job profile submitted by her with the title 'Head Trade & Guarantees Solutions & Advisory.


This profile seems to be a combination of the job profile of her boss, Rob de Munk and his boss, Bert Oranje. Again, Wiels claims to be a member of the management of Trade & Guarantees at ABN-Amro. She writes that she leads three team managers, 41 employees and another 18 employees indirectly. These are numbers that rather fit the profile of her boss, Rob de Munk.


Wiels is asked to clarify the ambiguities or suggestions in her resume or to correct them, but in an official reaction, the Minister Plenipotentiary declares that she is only accountable to the Parliament of Curaçao.

Furthermore, Minister Plasterk of Kingdom Relations, in response to questions from the Dutch MP Van Raak, said that what Mrs. Wiels does or write in her resume is a matter exclusively for the Curacao Parliament.

Source: Caribbean Network

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