Published On: Wed, Jun 19th, 2013

Report press conference June 19, 2013 murder investigation of Helmin Wiels of May 5, 2013

Court houseWILLEMSTAD - Since May 5, 2013, when around 16:55 the member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels was assassinated at the height of the pier / beach at Mari Pampun, the Curacao Police Corps (KPC), led by the Public Ministry and supported by the Criminal Investigation Team (RST) immediately launched a thorough investigation.

They immediately decided to set up a TGO (Investigation Team). This team consists of investigators from KPC and RST. The TGO is controlled by a steering committee consisting of the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor, the Head of the Police Corps Curaçao and the team boss of the Criminal Investigation Team. In addition, a so-called "contradiction team" formed to reduce the risk of tunnel vision during the investigation.

Since the day of the murder, a large number of investigation activities were carried out on both technical / forensic and tactical level. On several occasions, colleagues from other countries within the Kingdom gave their contribution to the investigation. Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) plays an important role in the collection and examination of trace material.

Police and the Justice Department have so far decided to keep information to the press limited. This was a conscious choice because providing more information could harm the investigation. Moreover, the idea, brought forth by some local media, that more information is given to the Dutch press compared to the local press, is absolutely incorrect.

It is now possible to provide information about the TGO’s investigation results. The investigation has shown the following results:

The perpetrators of the murder of Mr. Wiels have used a mocha-colored Kia Picanto during the crime, which was rented from East to West Car Rental at Rooi Santu. This car was seized and examined for traces.

The tenant of this Kia Picanto, at the time of committing the murder, was the 30-year-old Curacaon Raul J. M. This M. has been missing since mid-May 2013. The car, which was later used by M., a white Kia Rio with registration F 2-75, was found unattended on May 18, 2013 at the salt pans in the district Sami Liber. There was a large amount of blood in the car.

M. was already indicated as one of the suspects who have actually committed the murder within the investigation into the murder of Mr Wiels even before his disappearance.

The identity of the person who was also present at the time of the murder on May 5, 2013, together with M. in the Kia Picanto, is known. Further information about this person is not available in the interest of the investigation.

On June 4, 2013, there was a corpse found on the coast of Curacao in the plains of San Pedro. Although DNA testing has yet to definitively prove this, this most likely is the body of M., who was killed.

SuspectThe suspect of the murder, or manslaughter on M. is the 26-year-old Curaçao L.L.F. This suspect was, at the request of the Public Prosecutor Curaçao, traced and arrested on June 15, 2013 in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. He was transferred to Curacao on June 17, 2013 by the Royal Military Police. An arrest warrant was issued by the Magistrate in Curacao to arrest F. on the suspicion of murder or manslaughter on M. His arrest will be extended in the course of the next week.

The investigation is being done on the question of the connection between the death of Mr. Wiels and the death of the aforementioned M.

An investigation was carried out in the homes of M. and F. on Curaçao. This has included technical traces. Also, the vehicle with which the body of M. was presumably transported. The forensic investigation of these traces is ongoing.

The investigation team has a fairly clear idea who the suspects in the actual murder are and what happened on May 5, 2013. Probably it was a hit in which the perpetrators were paid to commit the murder by one or more third parties. The investigation is of course also focused on those who have given the order for the murder and who have paid the actual perpetrators. The investigation team is also making progress in this area and there are indications of the direction in which these persons should be sought.

The police is still asking the public to provide information and many have complied with this request. This has helped the investigation. Although police and judiciary are satisfied with the conduct of the investigation so far, it remains important that people who have more information about these events, anonymously or not, report to the police by phone 8666124, 911 or the anonymous line 108.

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