Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013

Results economic survey first half of year 2013

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - The Central Bureau of Statistics makes known some of the results of the economic survey of June 2013.

The economic survey is a study in which all companies with ten or more employees were visited. A sample was taken from companies with between three to ten employees. Thus, it is partly a sample survey. By taking a sample an estimate is made from the characteristics of the entire population (all companies) and therefore responsible statements are made about the population. Certain financial companies, sole traders and small foundations are not included in the study. Not all companies on the island are thus approached by CBS.

Main Economic survey results first half of year 2013

Of the companies approached, 36 percent indicated that they have invested in June 2013. This was in December 2012 some 42 percent higher.

Of the companies surveyed 36 percent have indicated that there has been investment barriers.

26 percent of companies have indicated that competitiveness has deteriorated. 4 percentage points less than in December 2012.

Confidence in the economy has improved somewhat in the opinion of entrepreneurs. Slightly less entrepreneurs, now 49 percent, have indicated that confidence in the economy in the past six months has deteriorated. In December 2012 it was 56 percent.

The percentage of companies that have shown to have confidence in the future is clearly increased in the first half of 2013. This has increased from 41 to 51 percent of the entrepreneurs. The negative trend which had increased since June 2011 is thus brought to an end. Especially with the smaller businesses (3-10 employees), confidence has increased. Of these, 51 percent indicated to have trust which is an increase of 21 percentage points.

The percentage of companies that have shown to have no confidence in the future is also decreased from 33 to 24 percent by June 2013 this year.

The opinion on the investment climate is a slightly more positive in June 2013 compared to December 2012. The percentage of companies indicated that the climate is bad, 40 is decreased (December 2012) to 38 percent (June 2013). Although a small difference in itself, there is an end to the negative trend which was there since June 2011.

The percentage of companies with a positive operating profit last year fell slightly from 62 in December to 59 percent in June 2013.


On the homepage of the website of the CBS ( you can download the complete publication " Results Economic survey first half of year 2013".

The CBS would like to thank all companies for the cooperation they have given to this survey.

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