Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Rhuggenaath: “Hard work of the previous government is paying off!”

Schotte-Deal-InselAir-and-AviancaWILLEMSTAD – “After weeks of intensive negotiations done by the previous government, with the assistance of the InselAir management, the Supervisory Board, the curator and legal and financial advisors, we are delighted with the news that we learned yesterday that the Heads of Agreement with Avianca will be signed on short-term. This is good news but for us, no surprise since signing the Letter of Intent on Thursday, March 23, 2017, the Heads of Agreement was basically ready,” said former Minister of Economic Development, Eugene Rhuggenaath.

Rhuggenaath also indicated that he is pleased that Mr. Goeloe in his capacity as Minister of Economic Development, responsible for the "current affairs", reaffirmed all that the previous government had already approved. After all, it goes without saying that it is not possible to negotiate complicated matter in 1 or 2 days, let alone to negotiate "from scratch".

The question is what else has been achieved during the visit in Miami. What is included in the press release from Gerrit Schotte is in fact not new. In addition, it is not possible to add additional items to the agreement with Avianca without permission from InselAir’s management, the Supervisory Board and the curator of the airline. “We assume that this will still have to come.”

RhuggenaathRhuggenaath also said that he hopes that the publication of the details of the agreement (for obvious political purposes) does not harm these negotiations with Avianca. InselAir, at the express request of the owner of Avianca, has not announced any details of the negotiations. They also signed a so-called Non-Disclosure Agreement. Only at the actual signing, it is possible to disclose the details of the Heads of Agreement. It is obvious that such detailed statements are dangerous in the final stages of negotiations with Avianca.

With Avianca, it has been further agreed with the previous Minister of Economic Development that the government will continue to support InselAir financially, through the loan of 33 million guilders until the moment that the strategic alliance has been established between both parties. The current interim government and/or the group of 12 Members of Parliament, however, have indicated that it will not continue with the financial assistance. “We wonder how these statements relate to each other. During the public meeting on InselAir, the group of 12 MPs has in many ways attempted to qualify the decision to provide financial support as unwise, and it's thanks to the financial intervention of the government that InselAir currently has come so far in the negotiations with Avianca.

“Nevertheless, we are very happy, especially for the employees of InselAir having a slightly better outlook for the future in this way, because after all, it is our goal that many people are guaranteed a job,” said the former Minister in conclusion.

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