Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2013

Schotte: I don’t have any problems with civil survey

Gerrit SchotteWILLEMSTAD – Any survey and investigation the Public Prosecutor (OM) wants to initiate is welcome, because there is nothing to hide. Every decision on Government’s policies in any area is done in all transparency. This was the first reaction of the former Prime Minister of Curacao, Gerrit Schotte related to the OM’s decision to hold a civil survey on the past policies in the public companies like Curoil, Aqualectra, Curgas and the Oil Refinery.

According to Schotte, all investigations are welcome. During his Government, they have worked with transparency and every important step on policy was approved by the Council of the Ministers. If anyone or the OM, wants to check on that, they can go to the government’s website. These are issues not made up by the Government, but ideas presented by experts in their fields and approved by the Government. After the approval they went into implementation.

Referring to Aqualectra, Schotte remarked that they could not continue with a disastrous management, in which they said that they will lease Aggreko’s generators for a limited time, but has become structural. Aggreko uses expensive full which has to be paid by the people of Curacao. His Government has started to get rid of these machines, but everything points to the fact that this Government is going back to the former situation. But it is the people that have to pay for it.

As it was announced, the OM has asked the Court of Justice to involve the following persons: Oswald van der Dijs, former President Supervisory Board Curacao Refinery Inc, Ray Anthony Treurniet, former member of Supervisory Board Integrated Utility Holding  Inc (Aqualectra) and Gerrit Schotte, former Minister of General Affairs and former representative of share holder Integrated Utility Holding Inc (Aqualectra). This is based on the accusations brought forth by the Civil Action Foundation stating that these persons are guilty of mismanagement.

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