Published On: Thu, Oct 17th, 2013

Schotte wants referendum on electoral system

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - Gerrit Schotte wants a referendum on the electoral system. Under the title 'Reforma' (reform), the former Prime wants to collect 50,000 signatures in order to force a referendum. Schotte believes that Members of Parliament who break away with their away from their political party, should return their parliamentary seat to the party.

In 2012, Schotte’s government fell after two MP’s gave up their support to the government. On October 26, Schotte’s party, MFK, will hold a ‘signature day’ for all those who support his ‘Reforma’ can come to the party’s office in Saliña and sign the petition for the referendum. The former Prime Minister also launched a website dedicated to the ‘Reforma’.

Resolution: September 25th, 2013

I. The people of Curaçao urge their 21 representatives in Parliament, to conduct with all their energy, a determined process to have the laws amended and adapted, so that – after free and secret elections – the people may have a government which is the reflection of what the People of Curaçao have chosen for four years.

II. The people of Curaçao have the acute need to have the process on track of an electoral reform which ensures that the people of Curaçao can elect directly both its representatives in Parliament and their government.

III. The People of Curaçao out rightly reject the attitude of members of Parliament who decide to abandon their political party and still maintain their seat in Parliament and thus destabilize the administration of Curaçao. The people of Curaçao urgently plead for the reform to stop the abovementioned practice, for it is a serious impediment for the emancipation of the People of Curaçao.

IV. The people of Curaçao emphatically reject all decisions that destabilize the autonomy and the process of emancipation of the People of Curaçao.

V. We hereby sign with determination and with love for Curaçao.


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