Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2013

Schotte’s Government did borrow money

WILLEMSTAD – Both Minister of Finance Dr. Jose Jardim as Member of Parliament for PAIS Alex Rosario have declared during the meeting of Parliament that the Government headed by former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte certainly has borrowed 1.7 billion guilders from the Netherlands.

Previously the MFK fraction has reacted furiously on this statement which was done by Rosaria last Monday during the Central Committee meeting of Parliament. According to MFK, Rosaria has given false information to the public. “This was done by the former Government of Emily de Jongh-Elhage, where Rosaria himself was Junior Minister,” according to Member of Parliament for MFK Amerigo Thode.

Although it was the Government of Prime Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage who negotiated for the loan, it was the Government of Premier Schotte who by the end of October 2010 has put the signature, according to Rosaria. “The fact that others negotiate is irrelevant. Relevant is that the Schotte’s Government has put its signature under the documents.”

“If someone goes to a commercial bank to negotiate for a loan for me and I sign it, then I’m the one who is responsible for the loan not the negotiator,” according to Rosaria. MFK suggested that they did not borrow money during their term in office and Rosaria confirms this. “After the loan of October 2010, the Schotte’s Government indeed did not borrow. This is not because of good policies but because the Committee for Financial Supervision (Cft) has not allowed this. For this reason, the Government has spent the country’s reserves, mainly the pension funds.”

The police of former Minister of Finance Mr. George Jamaloodin was rejected las June through a motion of no confidence supported by his own Members of Parliament  Gilmar Pisas, Monique Koeyers-Felida, Amerigo Thode, Dean Rozier and Rudney Garmers. “Analyzing this I would advise MFK, certainly in the area of Government finances, to realize that the best they can do is to keep quiet and stop lying,” Rosaria concluded.

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