Published On: Thu, Oct 4th, 2018

Severed green turtle head found on the beach (warning: graphic content)

WILLEMSTAD - You'll rarely despair of the human race as much as you will when you receive reports of some poachers capture helpless sea turtles for whatever reason.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao published on their social media that they received a poaching report. A severed green turtle head was found in Sint Joris.

Sea turtles are endangered species and therefore protected by law around the world. Each turtle we lose through something that could have been avoided is one too many.

“We are truly saddened by this incident but we are grateful that more and more people are keeping an eye out and are letting us know when turtles are involved in incidents,” said the organization on their social media.

Later during that day, the organization reported that they had a second poaching report. This one at Santa Cruz. "It was really not a good day for our turtles."


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